Both on the road as well as at customers’ doors, as a DHL driver, you are the calling card for DHL. This means treating customers with respect, and ensuring that your vehicle is in tip-top shape at all times. As a DHL driver, you thus play an important role, in a job which offers a great deal of freedom but also a lot of responsibility.


In the Netherlands, DHL operates in every region in the country. It is therefore very likely that as a driver, you won’t have to work too far from home. In order to qualify as a DHL driver, you must have at least a lower vocational secondary educational level (VMBO), a B-category driver’s license, and professional driving experience as a passenger, external service employee, courier or driver. A C and/or CCVB category driver’s license is definitely an advantage.


As a driver, you will serve DHL customers via a daily route, in your truck or van. These customers range from small to large companies as well as private individuals. This route will preferably be driven during normal office hours, whereby you will be able to determine your own daily schedule.


As a driver, you know how to find the fastest route for delivering your cargo on time, safe and problem-free. But there is more to it than that: as a driver, you also how to load your truck or van the smartest way possible, enabling you to work as efficiently as you can.


What makes this position so attractive is the freedom and variety of the job, and the job security and great employment conditions that only a large employer such as DHL can offer you. As a DHL driver, you can work full-time if you like. This comes with a good salary plus excellent pension and salary-savings schemes.